Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Creating Better Theaters

Numerous articles focusing on the decline of movie theater attendance have appeared throughout the summer. An article in today’s NEW YORK TIMES looks at one solution being carried out in venues around the U.S.: creating a better theatergoing experience. With high-end concessions, bars, concierge service, and other amenities, theater owners are fashioning an upscale environment that, as one owner explains, “gives people a reason to leave the house.” All of this costs money—well above the standard $10 movie ticket price—but it seems that some are willing to pay for the extra luxuries.

The ultimate luxury, it seems, is an environment without kids or teenagers. These special amenities are adult amenities, with some places barring those under 21 from certain screenings. At a time when more and more Hollywood films are geared mainly to teenaged audiences (Dukes of Hazard, anyone?), these theater owners are certainly going against the tide. Now if only studios will follow suit and make more films for adult sensibilities……

You can read the New York Times article here.


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