Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Are the Movies Dying?

Recently, much hand-wringing has occurred over declining box office returns. Ty Burr's article, Are the Movies Dying? looks at film-going in the 21st century, and questions whether the slump is just a trend or if a larger cultural shift is afoot. The article quotes liberally from a recent AOL survey covered in one of my previous entries, Movies at Home vs. The Theater. Burr, too, touches briefly on the communal aspects of theater attendance--he calls it "communal dreaming", a phrase I like quite a bit!

For a different take on "the slump", Patrick Goldstein's article, Nothing's New in Hollywood, lays blame on the rampant trend of remaking older films and tv shows. True, we are currently awash in remakes, and as my friend Tim said, "Do we really need another version of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING?" Originality, it seems, has taken a long vacation....