Sunday, June 27, 2004

Movie Rentals, Week of 6/21/04

I thought about doing a post like this on a week when I had rented "great" or "important" works, but what the hell, I'll start now. I will admit, I'll watch just about anything, and with unlimited monthly rentals at Netflix, I feel a little freer to occasionally indulge in what I like to call cinematic junk food. So in this spirit, here is what I watched this week:

STARSKY & HUTCH, Season 1, disc 3 (1975). Lord knows why I started renting this series. I think my original intention was to prepare myself for the Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson version, but I also love the decade of the 1970s, so I've totally gotten into this for the fashions, the interiors, and that "tomato" Ford Turino. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser are hoot--all hipster and earnest about their jobs (and each other!)--and Antonio Fargas rocks as Huggy Bear. Pure, cheesy fun!

A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON (1988). I rented this to relive my teenage River Phoenix crush. This is definitely not one of River's shining moments. I remember this film being bad when it first came out, and it certainly has not gotten better with age. River is in blond, pretty-boy heartthrob mode, with a support cast that includes a young Matthew Perry and Ione Skye. Ugh...I should have stuck with River's vastly underrated DOG FIGHT (1991).

ANGIE (1994). I rented this purely to see James Gandolfini outside THE SOPRANOS. No such luck here--he's basically playing a younger, more slender version of Tony in the role of Geena Davis's loutish boyfriend Vinnie. This film was okay, not great, but not terrible, either. Also with future Soprano regulars Aida Turturro and Michael Rispoli in supporting roles. It's going to be a long haul to season six of The Sopranos (September 2005)!


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